Paul Ludford – my journey towards healing

Paul Ludford’s experience of childhood abuse has led him to facilitate a monthly men’s group which includes sexually abused men. For more information Paul’s website is APLnlp It’s taken me 45 years to write this, and even now, I’m struggling to compose the opening line. My dad is a gay paedophile. I’m 56 years old,… more

Clifford’s addiction

This is the story of how I deeply wounded the person I have loved most in my life by making some really poor decisions, and how I have lived differently since. In May of 2005, on a picturesque hillside in the Lake District of northern England, with sheep bleating in the pasture below, I married… more

Dr Shoshana Garfield’s story of childhood abuse

Dr Shoshana Garfield survived years of abuse at the hands of her parents, a paedophile ring and countless violent partners, to eventually find a place where forgiveness began to blossom in her life.  Passionate about the subject, Shoshana, now trained and working as a psychologist, works to help people through trauma, and to spread the… more

Estella Rhys Pryce on the death of her son

Tom ap Rhys Pryce was robbed and killed on 12 January 2006 as he walked home from a North London underground station to the home he shared with his fiancée, Adele Eastman. He was 31 years old. Tom and Adele were due to marry in September of the same year. Tom’s parents (John and Estella),… more

Christina’s story of rape

Christina, UK In 2004 ago, suffering from PTS after a car accident and having been raped twenty years earlier by a man who had suddenly re-entered her life as a vicar, Christina had a breakdown as the buried memories of her ordeal re-surfaced. My journey began one weekend aged 23 shortly after the death of my father.… more

Mary’s story of addiction

Mary, New Jersey Mary had to learn to forgive herself when her second child, Michael, was diagnosed with fetal alcohol syndrome My pregnancy with Michael was much more of a surprise than my first pregnancy with Stephen. When I received confirmation during the first trimester, I assumed I could stop daily alcohol use for the sake of this child the same way I had two years prior. Alcoholism had ambushed me in the meantime. I wrestled with relentless mental obsession, denial, and bouts of depression with suicidal thinking and planning. I knew from my physician’s training the potential for damage to the fetus from alcohol. This added to my shame, self- hatred, and extreme secrecy. My sanity seemed long gone in the losing battle to protect my baby from further alcohol induced damage; I was powerless to stop on my own and too terrified to get help.

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