USA Exhibition Shipping FAQ

How do I pay to ship the exhibition to my location?
You can use a personal credit card on the phone or in a store but not online.  You do not need a permanent account, you can just set one up for that one shipping or take it into a store.

How do I organize the shipping of the exhibition?
Go online (see UPS web address below)and calculate time and cost under shipping; provide shipment information, – where it is coming from, where it is going to and what kind of quote do you want.  Click detailed time and cost, put in zip code it is coming from and then zip code it is going to, business or residence, rates are based specifically on how far it has to go.

How long will it take to get the exhibition?
1-5 business days UPS ground, more remote areas take longer.  Rush domestically can get there in one – 2 business days.

What about insurance?
We recommend it as we have already lost the frames to one exhibition.  The exhibition is valued at around $2,000.  If you do not have an account an additional insurance fee is 90c per $100 value of contents with a minimum of $180.  If you have an account 65c per hundred with minimum, $195.

Do I need to sign for the exhibition once it arrives?
Businesses and apartment complexes require a signature, it doesn’t change the rate.  We recommend a signature upon delivery to ensure the package is not lost or misplaced.

How do I track the package?
Use the package number that is given to you on the phone or on the label issued by UPS.  Can use website; On the front page there is a window called track a package.  You type in the tracking number to track it.  The store can give a reference number but the tracking number will only work on line, not the reference number.  Tracking #’s begin with 1Z and have 18 numbers, second kind begins with a random letter of the alphabet and 12 letters afterwards.

UPS International phone number 1800-782-7892. UPS Domestic phone number 1800- 742-5877.

Duty charges based on value, quantity and weight.  Last Canadian host paid approximately $350 Canadian dollars in May 2009.  This could vary depending on year and exchange rates so do not see this as a secure fee, it may be subject to variation. They have an extremely user friendly website, but please make note of the online restrictions when organizing your shipping.

What are the dimensions of the banner boxes?
The dimensions are as follows: 2 boxes, weighing 50lb’s each, 46″ in length and each side of the box (there are 4 sides) are 6 1/2 inches in width.