USA Exhibition General FAQ’s

How much is the exhibition?
We charge $1,000 for a two-week hire but we are open to negotiation for organizations that do not have a lot of funding. Shipping is not included in this hire fee.

How do I book it?
You contact our US Exhibition Co-ordinator, Louisa Hext, at The first step is to see if the hire dates are available. If they are then you book the exhibition with a deposit and arrange the shipping of the exhibition to your venue.

How do I ship the exhibition?
The host is entirely responsible for shipping but for a detailed answer please see shipping FAQ’s.

How do I return the exhibition?
The host is responsible for returning the exhibition but if there is another host right after you shipping between the hosts can be arranged and you split the cost. This is often cheaper for both hosts and saves time.

How do I display it?
We currently have two exhibitions in the USA. One is small laminated boards with wire on the back for wall hanging. The images are 23” by 23”. We also have a second exhibition consisting of banners that are large and have a string at the top to hang on walls or from rafters, roof beams etc. Because they are so large it is advised that you have a big space in which to host it.

Can I post my event on the TFP website?
Yes. Please email all information to Louisa, times, places, addresses and who will be speaking and we can post it for you.

Can I use photographs from the exhibition to publicize my event?
Most of the time this is possible but you must make a written request to Louisa who will verify if that image can be used for publicity.

Can I use TFP logos on flyers to publicize the event?
Yes, a written request is the best way to ensure this.

Can I hire speakers for the event?
There are many members of the F Word who are more than happy to speak. You must make a written request and Louisa will contact the participant to let them know you will be in touch. You can work out honorarium and expenses directly with the participant.

What is an appropriate age for the audience?
Although suitable for Middle School, ideally 14 years and over is our recommended audience.

How do I give feedback after the event to The Forgiveness Project?
Feedback is most appreciated as it helps us see where we can improve what we do but also it is important information for our fund raising efforts. There is a feedback form in the US touring pack, it is useful to know how many people attended. Collecting quotes from people is extremely useful, they can leave their opinions on a form on The Forgiveness Project website.