Story Topic: Conflict and War

Satta Joe (Sierra Leone)

Photograph by Kalilu Totangi Satta Joe was a victim of the Sierra Leone Civil War (1991-2002). She lives in the Kono District – an area with rich diamond reserves which experienced devastation during the war when looting and constant fighting took place between the RUF (Revolutionary United Front) rebels and Government forces. The war left… more

Philippe Ngirente & Teresphore Uzabakiriho (Rwanda)

Philippe (left) & Teresphore (right) In 1994 when one million Tutsis and moderate Hutus were slaughtered in the Rwandan genocide, Uzabakiriho Teresphore (a Hutu) murdered the father of Ngirente Philippe (a Tutsi).   Thirteen years later, Philippe came face-to-face with his father’s killer at a Gacaca court trial. Gacaca courts are a participatory justice system traditionally… more

Mark Henderson (Colombia)

Photography – Brian Moody In 2003 film-maker Mark Henderson was trekking in the Colombian jungle with a  group of foreign tourists when he was taken hostage by the Ejército de Liberación Nacional (ELN), a Colombian Marxist group. Two of the hostages were released early, but Mark, along with four Israelis, were held for a total… more

Oren Kalisman (Israel)

Photography by Dubi Roman Oren Kalisman, 30, is a physics student at Tel Aviv University. During his time in the Israeli army he was a lieutenant and platoon commander. For more information see also I grew up in a village close to Galilee. We lived surrounded by Arabs, but we had no connection to… more

Idan Barir (Israel)

Photography by Dubi Roman Idan Barir is a former Israeli soldier in the artillery forces, from Tel Aviv. In recent years he has been  an activist with the Israeli-Palestinian movement Combatants for Peace ( and is currently a PhD candidate in Middle Eastern History at Tel Aviv University. See also As a child I had… more

Chen Alon (Israel)

Photography by Dubi Roman Chen Alon is a theatre director, facilitator and lecturer at Tel Aviv University. Chen served for four years in the Israeli army and then for 11 years as an operations officer in the reserves. Later, he became a refusnik and as a result served time in jail. For more information see My grandfather… more

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