Story Topic: Victim / Survivor

Richard Levy (England)

Richard Levy was travelling in carriage number one on the Piccadilly Line on July 7th 2005 when Germaine Lindsay – a young convert to Islam blew himself up, killing himself and 26 passengers. Richard who lives in London and works in Marketing was badly burnt and received multiple injuries to his chest, side, feet and… more

Marie Fatayi-Williams (England)

Photography by Brian Moody When Marie Fatayi-Williams’ only son, Anthony, was killed on the No 30 bus in London on 7 July 2005, her call for an end to violence made headlines across the world. She has since set up an international foundation in Anthony’s honour to work for and promote peace and conflict resolution.… more

Mwalimu Johnson (USA)

Photography by Alan Pogue Mwalimu Johnson spent his early youth using and selling illegal drugs on the streets of New Orleans. In 1958 he received a 15-year sentence after pleading guilty to bank robbery. He was released in 1967, only to be shot in 1975 by FBI agents who claimed he was involved in another… more

Bud Welch (USA)

Photography by Brian Moody In April 1995 Bud Welch’s 23-year-old daughter, Julie Marie, was killed in the bombing of the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City along with 167 others. In the months after her death, Bud changed from supporting the death penalty for Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols to taking a public stand against… more

Penny Beernsten (USA)

Photography by Brian Moody In 1985 Penny Beerntsen was brutally beaten and sexually assaulted in a state park in Wisconsin. Soon afterwards, Steven Avery was convicted of the crime. Eighteen years later, however, advances in DNA testing revealed that he had been innocent all along. A couple of years after the attack I remember saying… more

Odongtoo Jimmy (Uganda)

Photography by Brian Moody In July 2002, Odongtoo Jimmy was abducted by the rebel Lords Resistance Army (LRA) in Northern Uganda. Two years later he escaped. The LRA, led by the fanatical Joseph Kony, had abducted 25,000 children. In his army, boys were given a choice: kill or be killed, while girls were used as… more

Eric Lomax (Scotland)

Photography by Brian Moody During the Second World War Eric Lomax was tortured by the Japanese on the Burma-Siam Railway. 50 years later he met one of his tormentors. His book, The Railway Man, tells the story. If you are a victim of torture you never totally recover. You may cope with the physical damage,… more

Tom Tate (England)

Photography by Brian Moody In March 1945, airman Tom Tate was on special duties over Germany when his B17 Flying Fortress was hit by fire. The crew bailed out. Seven of them were captured a few hours later near the village of Huchenfeld, close to the town of Pforzheim. A month earlier Pforzheim had been… more

Salimata Badji-Knight (Senegal)

Photography by Brian Moody Salimata Badji-Knight was brought up in a Muslim community in Senegal, where she was circumcised at the age of five. She moved to Paris when she was nine, and has spent most of her adult life campaigning to prevent the practice of female genital mutilation (FGM) in African cultures. She has… more

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