Story Topic: Religious Perspectives

Norman Kember (Iraq)

Photography by Brian Moody In November 2005, Norman Kember (then aged 74) travelled to Iraq with the international peace organisation, Christian Peacemaker Teams. Within days he had been taken hostage along with three other members of the group. By the time the SAS rescued them 117 days later, one member of their group, Tom Fox,… more

Simon Wilson (England)

Photography by Brian Moody In 1992, Simon Wilson, was the victim of a hit and run car crash in rural Norfolk which left him chronically disabled. The driver was never caught but Simon’s experience led him to train for ordained ministry. He is a Public Preacher and co-ordinates RoadPeace in East Anglia – a national… more

Michael Watson (England)

Photography by Brian Moody In 1991, boxer Michael Watson collapsed at the end of his World Championship super-middleweight fight with Chris Eubank. He was in a coma for 40 days, and a blood clot in his brain left him partially paralysed. In 2003 he completed the London Marathon, six days after he set out. On… more

Peter Tatchell (England)

Photography by Brian Moody Gay human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell grew up in Melbourne, Australia, during the 1950s and 60s in a Christian family where being queer was considered a sin – almost on a par with murder and rape. For many years he suppressed all recognition of his own homosexuality. You can find more… more

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