Story Topic: Political Violence

Oren Kalisman (Israel)

Photography by Dubi Roman Oren Kalisman, 30, is a physics student at Tel Aviv University. During his time in the Israeli army he was a lieutenant and platoon commander. For more information see also I grew up in a village close to Galilee. We lived surrounded by Arabs, but we had no connection to… more

Idan Barir (Israel)

Photography by Dubi Roman Idan Barir is a former Israeli soldier in the artillery forces, from Tel Aviv. In recent years he has been  an activist with the Israeli-Palestinian movement Combatants for Peace ( and is currently a PhD candidate in Middle Eastern History at Tel Aviv University. See also As a child I had… more

Chen Alon (Israel)

Photography by Dubi Roman Chen Alon is a theatre director, facilitator and lecturer at Tel Aviv University. Chen served for four years in the Israeli army and then for 11 years as an operations officer in the reserves. Later, he became a refusnik and as a result served time in jail. For more information see My grandfather… more

Gill Hicks (England)

Photo by Brian Moody On 7th July 2005, 52 people died and many were severely injured and maimed, by suicide bombers attacking London’s transport system. On a Piccadilly line underground train between Kings Cross and Russell Square stations, Australian-born Gill Hicks miraculously survived but lost both her legs due to the explosion. Gill’s memoir, One… more

Phyllis Rodriguez & Aicha el-Wafi (USA)

On 11th September 2001, Phyllis Rodriguez’s son Greg was killed in the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center. The following year Phyllis met Aicha el-Wafi, whose son Zacarias Moussaoui had been charged with conspiracy in connection with the atrocity. Aicha had travelled from France for a private meeting with families who had lost loved ones in… more

Sue Hanisch (England)

Photography by Brian Moody In 1991 Sue Hanisch was caught up in an IRA bombing at Victoria Station, London, England. It was the first bombing on the mainland for several years, which tried to bring attention to the IRA as the 1st Gulf war was beginning. 40 people were injured that day and Sue lost… more

Richard Levy (England)

Richard Levy was travelling in carriage number one on the Piccadilly Line on July 7th 2005 when Germaine Lindsay – a young convert to Islam blew himself up, killing himself and 26 passengers. Richard who lives in London and works in Marketing was badly burnt and received multiple injuries to his chest, side, feet and… more

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