Story Topic: Perpetrator

Penny Beernsten (USA)

Photography by Brian Moody In 1985 Penny Beerntsen was brutally beaten and sexually assaulted in a state park in Wisconsin. Soon afterwards, Steven Avery was convicted of the crime. Eighteen years later, however, advances in DNA testing revealed that he had been innocent all along. A couple of years after the attack I remember saying… more

Odongtoo Jimmy (Uganda)

Photography by Brian Moody In July 2002, Odongtoo Jimmy was abducted by the rebel Lords Resistance Army (LRA) in Northern Uganda. Two years later he escaped. The LRA, led by the fanatical Joseph Kony, had abducted 25,000 children. In his army, boys were given a choice: kill or be killed, while girls were used as… more

John Carter (England)

Photography by Katalin Karolyi John Carter got involved in crime at the age of 12. After eight years in prison he finally got to meet one of his victims at a restorative justice conference.  He is currently working as a gardener and lives in Shropshire with his partner. My life of crime started at an… more

Martin Snodden (Northern Ireland)

Photography by Brian Moody As a former paramilitary, Martin Snodden has served a life sentence in the Maze Prison for his activities as a member of the Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF). Fifteen years later he was released under licence. He now operates as an independent international trainer and consultant. What drove me to take up… more

Leatitia (South Africa)

Photography by Brian Moody In 1993 Leatitia van Loggerenberg planned and paid for the murder of her husband, who for years had been physically and mentally abusing her. She is now serving a life sentence for murder at Johannesburg Female Prison. My husband was a real darling until he started drinking, then alcohol turned him… more

David (England)

Photography by Brian Moody In 2003 David was released from prison after serving almost 17 years of a life sentence for a double domestic murder. During his prison sentence he spent four years at HMP Grendon Underwood, a prison run along therapeutic lines. In the 1980’s I was convicted of a double murder. I cannot… more

Alistair Little (Northern Ireland)

Photography by Brian Moody Alistair Little joined the Protestant paramilitaries at the age of 14. Three years later, too young to receive a life sentence, he was detained under the Secretary of State’s Pleasure (SOSP) and served a 13-year prison sentence in Long Kesh and H-blocks. Since his release he’s been working for projects that… more

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