Story Topic: Fambul Tok

Brima Koker (Sierra Leone)

Photograph by Kalilu Totangi In 1991 when the civil war broke out in Sierra Leone, Brima Koker joined the rebel RUF (Revolutionary United Front) army to fight against Government forces. The war lasted until 2002 and left more than 50,000 people dead and over two million people displaced in neighbouring countries. The organisation Fambul Tok,… more

Satta Joe (Sierra Leone)

Photograph by Kalilu Totangi Satta Joe was a victim of the Sierra Leone Civil War (1991-2002). She lives in the Kono District – an area with rich diamond reserves which experienced devastation during the war when looting and constant fighting took place between the RUF (Revolutionary United Front) rebels and Government forces. The war left… more