Story Topic: Crime

TJ Leyden (USA)

Photograph by Mark Seliger In 1980, at the age of 14, TJ Leyden became a neo-Nazi skinhead, soon rising through the ranks of Hammerskin Nation, the largest white supremacist transnational organization in America. After 15 years of spreading hate, bigotry and racism, TJ turned his back on the white power movement. He has since worked… more

Sammy Rangel (USA)

Photograph by Mark Seliger Sammy Rangel spent most of his early years in mental institutions, foster homes, and detention homes.  He embraced violence at the age of 11, joining the Maniac Latin Disciples gang and spending long periods in prison. It wasn’t until a drug abuse program helped him rehabilitate that Sammy began to further… more

Geoff Thompson (England)

Photo by Steve Ullathorne Geoff Thompson grew up in working-class Coventry. At the age of twelve he was abused by an adult he trusted.  The incident shattered his self-esteem and led to a decade of violence.  He has since become a martial arts instructor, teacher and author of over 34 books.  The short film Romans… more

Tracey Ford (England)

Photography – Brian Moody In 2007 Tracey Ford was a single mother, running her own business and looking after her two children, Becky (14) and Andre (17), when at his friend’s ice-skating party Andre was shot dead. The perpetrators were never caught. Tracey has since founded the JAGSfoundation ( as a lasting tribute to her son.… more

Lorenn Walker (Hawaii)

Photography by Timothy Pinault Lorenn Walker JD, MPH, is a Hawai’i-based health educator with extensive legal and social service experience. In 1976 she was brutally attacked while on holiday in Waikiki Hawai’i.  The trauma of the attack began a lifelong path of healing. You can find further information at I was visiting my sister for… more

Susie Lomax (New Zealand)

Photography Brian Moody Susie Lomax was living in Wellington, New Zealand in the mid 1990s, when two young men broke into her car.  Following the incident, a Family Group Conference was set up between her and one of those responsible.   For the young man it was a chance to put his past behind him, for… more

Denise Rhodes (England)

At midnight on 14th March 2004 Denise Rhodes was walking home with a friend in North London when she saw a young man breaking and entering into the top floor window of a three-storey block of flats. A woman in her eighties could be seen at an adjacent window, screaming for help. Denise gained access… more

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