NEWS: The Forgiveness Project at Saracens

In the last week of Sept 2010 three Forgiveness Project speakers spent the day at Saracens Rugby Football Club to share their stories with its players.  As part of Saracens’ “LifeSkills” programme the stories were intended to help players ‘Pursue the quality of Humility’.  David Priestley, Saracens Performance Manger wrote this to us after the event:  “At Saracens we believe that we can positively influence the inner character of our players. We also aim to nurture well rounded people, who are not solely defined by their rugby career. In that light, The Forgiveness Project helped us to greatly impact our players, and our staff, with three powerful, humbling and inspiring stories from three amazing people. We felt fortunate to have them as our guests and their stories will live long in our memories. Thank you..”

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