Denise Rhodes (England)

At midnight on 14th March 2004 Denise Rhodes was walking home with a friend in North London when she saw a young man breaking and entering into the top floor window of a three-storey block of flats. A woman in her eighties could be seen at an adjacent window, screaming for help. Denise gained access… more

Elizabeth Turner (England)

Photography by Brian Moody On Sept 11th 2001 Elizabeth Turner’s husband, Simon Turner, was at a breakfast meeting at the World Trade Centre in New York when the twin towers were attacked. Pregnant with their first child, Elizabeth’s life was catapulted into a new direction.  She has since written The Blue Skies of Autumn –… more

Matthew James (England)

Photography Brian Mooody Matthew James and his partner, Katy, were burgled twice within a three-month period by the same offender. The couple began to feel ‘under siege’ and unsafe in their own home. When the young man was arrested they were approached to meet him in a restorative justice conference at Pentonville Prison. In May… more

Margaret Foxley (England)

Photography by Brian Moody In November 2008, Margaret Foxley interrupted a burglary in her own home.  As she came through the backdoor, the burglar left through the front.  He had taken a laptop full of family photos and jewellery commemorating her daughter’s 18th birthday. Eight months later her daughter was killed in a car accident.… more

Kathleen Key (England)

Photography by Brian Moody Kathleen Key had been with her husband and father of her four children for 28 years when he was killed in a road accident. The man responsible for his death was immediately arrested and later found guilty of dangerous driving. Kathleen asked for a restorative justice meeting with the offender, and… more

Oren Kalisman (Israel)

Photography by Dubi Roman Oren Kalisman, 30, is a physics student at Tel Aviv University. During his time in the Israeli army he was a lieutenant and platoon commander. For more information see also I grew up in a village close to Galilee. We lived surrounded by Arabs, but we had no connection to… more

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