Tom Tate (England)

Photography by Brian Moody In March 1945, airman Tom Tate was on special duties over Germany when his B17 Flying Fortress was hit by fire. The crew bailed out. Seven of them were captured a few hours later near the village of Huchenfeld, close to the town of Pforzheim. A month earlier Pforzheim had been… more

Ghazi Briegeith & Rami Elhanan (Israel)

Photography by Brian Moody Ghazi Briegeith, a Palestinian electrician living in Hebron, and Rami Elhanan, an Israeli graphic designer from Jerusalem, met through The Parents Circle – a group of bereaved families supporting reconciliation and peace. Ghazi’s brother was killed at a checkpoint in 2000. Rami’s 14-year-old daughter was the victim of a suicide bombing in… more

Salimata Badji-Knight (Senegal)

Photography by Brian Moody Salimata Badji-Knight was brought up in a Muslim community in Senegal, where she was circumcised at the age of five. She moved to Paris when she was nine, and has spent most of her adult life campaigning to prevent the practice of female genital mutilation (FGM) in African cultures. She has… more

Violeta and Petrica Danut Chereches (Romania)

Photography by Brian Moody For two years, Petrica Danut Chereches, 14, has been a resident at St Laurence’s Hospice for children with HIV/AIDS: a Romanian hospice run by the British based charity, Children in Distress. At the age of five he was placed in one of the squalid orphanages that made the headlines in 1989,… more

Michael Watson (England)

Photography by Brian Moody In 1991, boxer Michael Watson collapsed at the end of his World Championship super-middleweight fight with Chris Eubank. He was in a coma for 40 days, and a blood clot in his brain left him partially paralysed. In 2003 he completed the London Marathon, six days after he set out. On… more

Peter Tatchell (England)

Photography by Brian Moody Gay human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell grew up in Melbourne, Australia, during the 1950s and 60s in a Christian family where being queer was considered a sin – almost on a par with murder and rape. For many years he suppressed all recognition of his own homosexuality. You can find more… more

Marian Partington (England)

Photography by Brian Moody In 1973 Marian Partington’s younger sister, Lucy, disappeared from a Gloucester bus stop after visiting a friend. Twenty years later, the gruesome discoveries at 25 Cromwell Street revealed that Lucy Partington had been a victim of serial-killers Frederick and Rosemary West. Frederick West committed suicide before the trial in 1995, while Rosemary West was… more

Mariane Pearl (Pakistan)

Photography by Brian Moody Mariane Pearl, pictured here with her son Adam, aged 18 months, was five months pregnant when her husband, the American journalist Daniel Pearl, was brutally murdered by a militant Islamic fundamentalist group in February 2002. Determined not to be broken, she has written a book called A Mighty Heart: The Brave… more

Michael Lapsley (South Africa)

Photography by Brian Moody After Father Michael Lapsley was exiled by the South African Government in 1976, he joined the African National Congress (ANC) and became one of their chaplains. Whilst living in Zimbabwe he discovered he was on the South African Government hit list.  In April 1990 he received a letter bomb in the… more

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