RESTORE: Prison Videos

Through the digital media accredited course we ran at High Down prison in Surrey during 2008-2009 we made several short films devised and created by prisoners chronicling their life stories and ideas around forgiveness. Committing stories to film is a powerful way to strengthen victim empathy and convey remorse. Please scroll down to browse, watch and share videos.
Prison Shorts: Consequences
A short drama, based on the game of Consequences, which poses the question should we feel guilty if one of our actions unintentionally causes the death of another’s? If someone ‘over reacts’, is their over reaction the fault of the person who caused it? Is forgiveness needed if there was intent to cause the resulting event.
Prison Shorts: Freedom
This is a song written and performed by Mick Wade, which was shot in the education block at Her Majesty’s Prison High Down, Sutton, as part of The Forgiveness Project’s free digital media course run in British prisons between 2008-2009.
Prison Shorts: Hope
Gerald Dill is a charming and thoughtful man. This is extraordinary considering his long prison sentences for violent crime. Much of his criminal behaviour is down to drug addiction which he discusses here without self pity.This interview was a question and answer session between Gerald and prisoners at High Down Prison in Sutton.
Prison Shorts: Identity
Raheel Mirza, originally filmed while serving a prison sentence for credit card fraud, wanted to demonstrate his regret to his family and to you, by revealing the methods he used. He remains out of prison, remains in full time employment and lives a happy and crime-free life.
Prison Shorts: Room
The sad story behind this short, true drama is that the narrator and writer, Jimmy Brand, died in his prison cell, soon after filming ended. He was a warm and thoughtful man, and the sole consolation was that, during the afternoon of the recording, he talked with enormous affection about his family, his life – and also about his acceptance of responsibility and regret for his crime. He will be missed.
Prison Shorts: Sorted
In this film, M.K. talks honestly about his life as a British drug dealer – from the romance of guns to the denial of past customers. He talks with great frankness about his family, feelings and forgiveness.
Prison Shorts: Words
In this film, two long-term prisoners describe their feelings about causing death, for personal or political reasons.