Speakers Bureau

Personal stories of reconciliation and renewal are at the heart of The Forgiveness Project and are central to its aims. The Project has collected over 140 personal stories since its launch, and many people who share their stories are part of our Speaker’s Bureau. Some of these stories make up our acclaimed exhibition, The F Word which has travelled widely and has been staged at over 350 venues worldwide.

We are frequently asked by schools, prisons, conferences and organizations hiring our exhibition for speakers to share their story in person.  Hearing someone speak first hand and being able to ask questions, is the most powerful form of story-telling.

We have speakers all around the world, including:

Our speakers in the UK

Natalia Aggianowhose father murdered her mother – Read her story

Shad Ali – the survivor of a vicious racial attack – Read his story

Salimata Badji-Knight – who is a victim of female circumcision – Read her story

Jo Berry  – whose father, Sir Anthony Berry, was killed  in the Brighton bomb – Read her story

Madeleine Black – who was brutally raped as a young teenager – Read her story

Rosalyn Boyce  – who is a victim of rape – Read her story

Camilla Carr – who was taken hostage in Chechnya repeatedly raped – Read her story

Julie Chimes – was brutally attacked by a stranger – Read her story

Hanneke Coates – a survivor of the Japanese concentration camps – Read her story

Tracey Fordwhose son was murdered in South London Read her story

Margaret Foxleyvictim who underwent a Restorative Justice conference Read her story

Sue Hanisch – who was the victim of an IRA bomb in London – Read her story

Mark Hendersontaken hostage in Colombia Read his story

Grace Idowu – whose son was murdered in a park opposite their house – Read her story

Matthew Jamesvictim who underwent a Restorative Justice conference Read his story

Norman Kember – who was taken hostage in Iraq – Read his story

Kathleen Keyvictim who underwent a Restorative Justice conference Read her story

Richard Levy – who is a survivor of the  7/7 attacks on London underground – Read his story

Richard McCann – whose mother was the first victim of Peter Sutcliffe – Read his story

Pat Magee – the former IRA activist responsible for planting the Brighton bomb – Read his story

Barry and Margaret Mizenwhose 16 year old son was murdered in London Read their story

Marian Partington – whose sister was killed by Fred & Rosemary West – Read her story

Kemal Pervanic – a Bosnian Muslim imprisoned during the Bosnian war – Read his story

Will Riley – was one of Peter Woolf’s victims and founder of victim organisation Why me? – Read his story

David Rogers – whose son was killed in a random attack – Read his story

John-Paul Samputu – many of whose family were killed in the Rwandan Genocide – Read his story

Martin Snodden – who is a former UVF (Ulster Volunteer Force) paramilitary – Read his story

Geoff Thompsonwho left a life of violence to become a martial arts instructor, teacher and author Read his story

Elizabeth Turnerwhose husband was killed in 9/11 Read her story

Jude Whyte – whose mother was killed in a bomb blast outside the family home – Read his story

Simon Wilson – who was the victim of a hit & run accident – Read his story

Peter Woolf – who is a former career criminal – Read his story

Marina Cantacuzino – founder and director The Forgiveness Project

Our speakers in the US

Brenda Adelman – whose mother was shot and killed by her father – Read her story

Stephanie Cassatly – whose mother was murdered in a convenience store robbery in New Orleans – Read her story

Rebecca DeMauro – whose daughter was brutally murder – Read her story

Lynette D. Grace – was attacked and her friend killed by her friend’s son – Read her story

Azim Khamisa – whose son was murdered in gun crime by a 14-year-old boy – Read his story

Eva Kor – was a victim of Auschwitz – Read her story

Scarlett Lewis – son was killed by a gunmen in Sandy Hook Elementary School  – Read her story

Debbie McLeland – whose son was killed by drunk driver – Read her story

Arno Michaelisformerly a while supremacist now working for Life After Hate Read his story

Andrew Rice – whose brother was killed when the World Trade Centre collapsed – Read his story

Phyllis Rodriguez – whose son was killed in the 9/11 World Trade Center  attack – Read her story

Sammy Rangelformer gang member now working to prevent gang violence Read his story

Victoria Ruvolo – sustained life-threatening injuries due to thrill seeking teenagers – Read her story

Chuck Sandstrom – brutally assaulted by a stranger in Akron, Ohio – Read his story

Aqeela Sherrills – is a former member of LA gang – Read his story

Judith ToySeveral members of Judith’s family were murdered in a brutal attack. She is now Zen Buddhist. Read her story

Bud Welch – whose daughter was killed in the Oklahoma bombing – Read his story

Our speakers in Australia

Kelly Connor – responsible for the death of a woman in a road accident – Read her story

Ray Minniecon – has dedicated his life to supporting members of the Stolen Generations of Aboriginals – Read his story

Our speakers in Canada

Tony McAleer – A former organiser for the White Aryan Resistance (WAR) – Read his story

Anne Marie Hagan  – whose father was murdered by his next-door neighbour – Read her story

Katy Hutchison – whose husband was killed by a youth – Read her story

Shannon Moroney – whose ex-husband is serving a prison sentence for crimes against women – Read her story

Our speakers in Israel

Yulie Cohen – was a victim of the 1978 El Al airline terrorist attack, – Read her story

Robi Damelin – whose son was killed by Palestinian sniper; belongs to Parent’s Circle – Read her story

Our speakers in Norway

Bjørn Magnus Jacobsen Ihler – was a survivor of the July 2011 attacks on Utøya island in Norway – Read his story

Our speakers in South Africa

Ginn Fourie –whose daughter was killed in the Heidelberg Tavern massacre – Read her story

Father Michael Lapsley – was severely injured by a letter bomb sent by the apartheid government – Read his story


To book a speaker and find out prices contact: info@theforgivenessproject.com