The Forgiveness Project’s work is built, first and foremost, on the transformative power of narrative storytelling. With no political or religious affiliations we share real stories of loss, grief and forgiveness through the following three programmes at present:

These story-led initiatives operate at a local, national and international level with the aim to encourage individuals to reflect on their current perspectives and their future life choices. Rather than give advice or prescribe a set path that may lead to forgiveness, The Forgiveness Project invites people to read, listen to, share and reflect on real stories of forgiveness.

The Forgiveness Project’s independent and inclusive approach ensures our core message – that everyone has the potential to change their perspective and break the cycle of violence – resonates across all cultures.

Our current programmes in the UK and world wide:
Touring Exhibition
The F Word: Stories of Forgiveness exhibition is a thought-provoking collection of arresting images accompanied by personal narratives exploring forgiveness in the face of atrocity. The exhibition has been seen in more than 550 venues, across 14 countries, to an audience of over 70,000 people.

Get in touch today to hire the exhibition. Find out more to visit current displays of The F Word near you.

RESTORE Prison Programme
Building on the transformative power of storytelling, the charity runs a pioneering and now award-winning prison programme in England and Wales called RESTORE, which aims to reduce the number of victims of crime through the rehabilitation of offenders.

Find out more: read programme evaluations, watch prison videos and see in detail how RESTORE works.

Speakers’ Bureau
Since 2004 The Forgiveness Project has collected over 140 personal stories, and many people who have shared their stories are part of our Speakers’ Bureau. The speakers are based around the world and they are an integral part of the numerous events we run throughout the year including workshops, lectures and exhibitions.

Find out more about the individual speakers and contact us at to book a speaker.

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