Past Events: Forgiveness Conversations


Forgiveness Conversations are a series of talks that examine different themes relating to the complex and highly contested subject of forgiveness. We welcome a wide range of storytellers and experts and provide a space where people can feel comfortable exploring difference and division. Forgiveness Conversations provide opportunities for people to reflect on their own experiences, opening up the debate around the many aspects of forgiveness and inspiring people to broaden their perspectives and resolve conflict in their own lives.

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Can radical compassion win the war against violent extremism?
Chair: Rachel Briggs OBE
Panel: Tony McAleer and a former female Islamic extremist
Do you need God to forgive?
Chair: Madeleine Bunting
Panel: Jonathan Wittenberg, Catherine Pepinster, Usama Hasan
How do we deal with unresolved pain and trauma?
Chair: Dr Scherto Gill
Panel: Jean Paul Samputu, Dr Duncan Morrow, Alexandra Asseily
Can revenge ever work?
Chair: Marina Cantacuzino
Panel: Natalia Aggiano, Virginia Ironside, Robin Shohet
What’s the point of punishment if society won’t forgive?
Chair: Roger Graef
Panel: Shad Ali, Jacob Dunne, Liz Dixon
Can you move on without forgiveness?
Chair: Simon Fanshawe
Panel: Camilla Carr, Richard Wilson
How can words help heal pain?
Chair: Melissa Benn
Panel: Marian Partington, Mr Gee, Dr Tim Caroe