BLOG: Can Forgiveness Save Tiger Woods?

How do you save a relationship after countless betrayals? Can trust ever return? Should you forgive when forgiveness may simply encourage further bad behaviour? These may well be some of the many questions that Elin Nordegren, the long-suffering wife of Tiger Woods, is contemplating having discovered her husband’s multiple infidelities, and watched his squeaky clean… more

BLOG: The Banality of Evil

From the mass murderers of Auschwitz, to the Islamic extremists who flew their planes into the World Trade Center, the widespread belief is that those who do grave harm to others to fulfill their ideological purpose are fundamentally different from us. We use a special vocabulary for them: “beasts”, “monsters”, “evil.” Yet the hypothesis which… more

BLOG: Beyond Good and Evil

Those who hurt others have long been categorized into three distinct types — the sad, the mad and the outright bad. Where would Phillip Garrido — rapist, abductor, pedophile and possible murderer — fit into this rogues gallery of perpetrators? His father’s verdict that a motorbike accident and heavy LSD use turned him ‘crazy’ seems to excuse,… more

EVENT: Archbishop Tutu Lecture Highlights

On 12th May 2010 more than 800 people piled into St John’s Smith Square, London, to hear Archbishop Desmond Tutu, founding patron of The Forgiveness Project, deliver our inaugural annual lecture – ‘Is Violence Ever Justified?’  Touching briefly on the Church’s view of a just war and challenging the audience to consider ‘what would you do… more

NEWS: 25 Years after the Brighton Bomb – Forgiveness?

In October 2009, on the 25th anniversary of the Brighton Bomb,  we collaborated with the All Party Parliamentary Group on Conflict Issues ( and invited Pat Magee (the former IRA activist responsible for planting the bomb) to speak alongside Jo Berry, the daughter of Sir Anthony Berry who was killed in the attack.  The event… more

NEWS: Synergy Theatre Project

In 2005 The Forgiveness Project undertook a period of research in HMPs Brixton and Holloway in partnership with Synergy Theatre Project ( and Olivier Award-winning playwright Shelagh Stephenson.  This collaboration was successfully brought to fruition through a theatre production of the resulting commissioned play, The Long Road which opened at London’s Soho Theatre in May… more

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