BLOG: Normal Kids Gone Crazy

Earlier this year I heard an interview with a former criminal gang member from London on an excellent BBC Radio 4 programme called Children Who Kill. Part of the programme was one of best explanations I’ve ever heard on why hurt people hurt people. The young man – who was not identified and who said by… more

NEWS: The Forgiveness Project On The BBC

The Forgiveness Project was the main feature of the BBC’s Politics UK programme which was broadcast to 40 million listeners across the world on 24th December 2010.  Politics UK Christmas edition examines our prison workshop programme which aims to confront the effect of their actions by meeting victims of crime and exploring the concept of… more

NEWS: F Word Exhibition at Norwich Cathedral

Promoted by Norwich School, the F Word was recently exhibited for a month at Norwich Cathedral and there’s an excellent article about the exhibition on the Cathedral website.  The school chaplain, Nic Tivey, saw The F Word several years ago in London and decided to take it into Norfolk prisons where he was working at… more

NEWS: Charity Walk for TFP

Our gratitude and congratulations to Marian Partington (whose story is featured on our website, and who frequently works for TFP in prisons).  Marian has raised over £1,000 for The Forgiveness Project by walking along the old pilgrim route from Aire sur l’Adour in France, to Santiago in the far west of northern Spain, a distance… more

EVENT: Clink lunch with Giorgio Locatelli

On 14th October, Giorgio Locatelli, and the prisoners who work at the Clink Restaurant inside HMP Highdown, cooked and presented lunch for 80 of The Forgiveness Project’s specially invited guests.  Baroness Helena Kennedy QC gave the main address supported by HMP Governor Peter Dawson and several TFP facilitator/storytellers.The lunch helped raise the profile of the… more

BLOG: Forgiveness from the Inside out

I received a letter sent to the office the other day from a woman called Amber who has been on a journey of self-forgiveness. After reading the stories on The Forgiveness Project website, she notes that only a couple of the stories are about people who have forgiven themselves. Yes, it’s true that the majority of… more

BLOG – Iraq War Logs: Why is Brutality so Easy?

Since reading about the leaked Iraq war logs I keep thinking about the role of the individuals in all this.  Why does an Iraqi security guard continue practices that we hoped would die with the fall of Saddam Hussein’s regime? Why did American soldiers not do more to end the systematic torture they witnessed?  And… more

NEWS: The Forgiveness Project at Saracens

In the last week of Sept 2010 three Forgiveness Project speakers spent the day at Saracens Rugby Football Club to share their stories with its players.  As part of Saracens’ “LifeSkills” programme the stories were intended to help players ‘Pursue the quality of Humility’.  David Priestley, Saracens Performance Manger wrote this to us after the… more

NEWS: The F Word in Germany

Since the founding of The Forgiveness Project in 2004, Germany (closely followed by Canada) is the single country which has shown most interest in what we are doing. So we are delighted that The F Word exhibition has finally been brought to Germany with the help of our German partners, Koogito. The German tour began… more

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