NEWS: The right words at the right time…

On the 10th November we held the penultimate event in our series of ten ‘Conversations on Forgiveness’ at St Ethelburga’s Centre for Reconciliation and Peace. Exploring how the written and spoken word can help the recovery process were Mr Gee, the acclaimed London poet and musician, and Marian Partington, whose sister was a victim of serial killers… more

BLOG: Storytelling – The Most Human of Arts

It has been said that the most difficult time comes after a revolution — a sentiment born out in the tough reality of post-apartheid South Africa. At a conference in Bloemfontein that set out to examine issues of freedom, responsibility and reconciliation, a young black South African man posed a difficult question. “I was born… more

NEWS: The potential of empathy…

For our eighth Conversation on Forgiveness, Jo Berry and Pat Magee came together to discuss their experiences of building a relationship. Almost thirty years ago to the day, Jo’s father was killed when the IRA bombed the Grand Hotel Brighton and Pat was the IRA activist responsible. The two first met in 2000, following Pat’s… more

NEWS: Launch of the Flame of Forgiveness Fortnight

 The Forgiveness Project was delighted to contribute to the Flame of Forgiveness Fortnight which launched at Marlborough Court care home in Thamesmead on 6th October 2014.  Flame of Forgiveness Fortnight is a new initiative between care homes and schools to commemorate the centenary of World War 1 and our role was to provide materials for… more

NEWS: Is the most effective punishment of all remorse?

The sixth in the series of The Forgiveness Project’s ‘Conversations on Forgiveness’ took place on 18 August at St Ethelburga’s Centre for Peace and Reconciliation. The speakers were exploring the difficult question, ‘What’s the point of punishment if society won’t forgive?’ We heard from Shad Ali, whose family struggled to understand how he could forgive… more

EVENT: Performance and participatory workshop at WOMAD festival – 26 July 2014, 11am

For nine months Visible Thinking has been working  in partnership with The Forgiveness Project and the Colston Hall youth ensemble looking at forgiveness and conflict as a musical conversation. As part of this work, Visible Thinking will be conducting  a performance and participatory workshop at WOMAD festival this Saturday from 11.0-0-12.00am in the workshop tent.… more

NEWS: Forgiveness as the ultimate revenge?

For The Forgiveness Project’s 5th Forgiveness Conversation held at St Ethelburga’s Centre for Reconciliation and Peace in London on Monday 14 June,  the subject that the panel and audience grappled with was “Can Revenge ever Work?” This was the first ever public speaking event for Natalia Aggiano whose mother was murdered by her father in… more

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