NEWS: New Education Resources – Free Download

The Forgiveness Project is excited to announce the launch of our pilot learning resources for use in secondary schools, exploring ideas around forgiveness, justice and reconciliation. Designed for students age 14 years and upwards, the resources include lesson plans, student booklets and PowerPoint presentations that are free to download HERE.

Based on real life stories, nine lessons have been developed under three themes: Forgiveness and Justice, Why do people forgive? and Forgiving the Unforgivable. Films are used to stimulate discussion and support exploration of concepts such as empathy, apology and reconciliation.

1) – Three of the lessons focus on Forgiveness and Justice and the impact restorative justice can have for both the perpetrators and victims of crime. Peter Woolf was a career criminal and heroin addict, who received a three year prison sentence for breaking into the home of businessman, Will Riley. Sometime after the incident, Will was asked if he would like to meet Peter at a restorative justice face-to-face meeting. It was a meeting that was to change both of their lives.

2) – The story of Barry Mizen’s loss of his 16 year-old son, Jimmy, is explored in Why do people forgive? The perpetrator was jailed for the attack on Jimmy, which took place in his local community. Barry’s story prompts the exploration of revenge and forgiveness, including how empathy for an offender / the offender’s family can impact a journey of forgiveness.

3) – In Forgiving the Unforgivable, Kemal Pervanic’s personal experience of incarceration in Omarska concentration camp enables students to explore forgiveness, even following atrocities such as those committed during the Bosnian War.

The Forgiveness Project invites schools to use these Education Resources with students and to provide feedback via our short online feedback form. To compliment these resources, schools and educational settings may like to book a storyteller to share their story first-hand with young people, or to hire our newly designed exhibition The F Word: stories that transform.

To discuss any aspect of our Education Resources, or if you would like recommendations for stories you could use within your setting, please do get in touch with Education Coordinator Anna Blackman at

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