NEWS: BBC3 – Can Criminals Say Sorry?

As part of BBC3’s Crime and Punishment season, the final episode to be screened at 9pm on Monday, 14th April asks, Can Criminals Say Sorry?

The programme features three of our storytellers, Peter Woolf, Will Riley and Jo Nodding. All three have taken part in Restorative Justice conferences and for all three their lives were significantly changed.

Presented by Brooke Kinsella, the BBC programme explores the use of restorative justice in Britain today and finds out what happens when offenders and their victims are brought together face to face.

Our patron, former prison governor and author of ‘Forgiving Justice’, Tim Newell, sums up the underlying principle of Restorative Justice.  He says:  “Restorative Justice sees crime as injury rather than law-breaking and justice as healing rather than punishment.”    Above all Restorative Justice is important because it places offending into a moral context.

For more information on the programme see BBC3.

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