NEWS: A review of ‘Junkie Buddha’ by Marina Cantacuzino

51xVXhAU+dL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_‘Junkie Buddha: A Journey of Discovery in Peru’

Marina Cantacuzino

Diane Esguerra’s Junkie Buddha: A Journey of Discovery is a book about redemption, about tracing the painful but significant journey from despair to meaning-making, from resentment to forgiveness. In essence it is a book about finding value in profound loss. Published by Eye Books this beautifully written memoir charts Diane’s personal anguish as her son Sacha – once a powerful and vibrant young man – is lost to the “full-on white-knuckle ride” of heroin addiction.  The book is a journey of pain but eventual healing as a year after Sacha’s death, Diane travels to the ancient city of Machu Picchu in Peru and in the mysterious land of Inca temples and terraces scatters his ashes.

This is also a story of forgiveness – forgiveness for herself for not being able to save her only child; for Sacha himself for not trying harder to stay clean; and forgiveness too for Sacha’s father who was never adequately there for his son. In loving memory of their lost son 30 years of resentments and grudges are wiped away.

If the purpose of personal narratives is to make sense out of one’s life then Diane Esguerra’s excellent memoir will I suspect present not only an invaluable insight into how telling your story may save you from it, but also achieve redemptive potential for all those who have suffered a bereavement.


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