EVENT: Last chance: watch Beyond Right & Wrong to raise money for The Forgiveness Project!

Now PlayingThere is just one week left to raise money for The Forgiveness Project by watching Beyond Right & Wrong for free!

Last year, The Forgiveness Project joined The Million Viewer Campaign to promote the powerful documentary, Beyond Right & Wrong, an hour long film centered around people who have used dialogue, compassion and activism to help heal their broken hearts and repair their broken communities.

Beyond Right and Wrong examines powerful stories of ordinary people in Rwanda and Israel/Palestine who have let go of perfectly natural punitive instincts in the name of a brighter future, not one trapped by the hatreds of the past”  – The Guardian

Through the FilmRaise platform, TFP receives 50¢ every time someone watches the film on our behalf – so far we have raised over $800!

Marina Cantacuzino, founder of The Forgiveness Project, describes it as “a film about wounded hearts and fractured relationships, but it is also a film about people who will not allow the pain of the past dictate the path of the future…above all it is a film about people who are on journeys of forgiveness but who don’t sacrifice their right for justice.”

As well as Marina, several of The Forgiveness Project’s storytellers also feature in the film, including Jo Berry, whose father was killed by an IRA bomb; Robi Damelin, whose son was killed by a Palestinian sniper; and Jean-Baptiste Ntakirutimana, whose entire family was massacred in the Rwandan genocide. Despite suffering terrible trauma, these remarkable people still have the ability to listen to the pain of others and move beyond their justified right for revenge.

The campaign is now in its final week, officially ending on 7th May. We receive money every time you watch the film, so even if you’ve seen it before  please consider watching one last time – hold a screening with your friends over the Bank Holiday, watch it in your lunchbreak or even have it on in the background as you make dinner.

Here’s the process in four easy steps:

  1. Find The Forgiveness Project on the list at www.filmraise.com
  2. Enter your email
  3. Watch the film
  4. Share with your friends


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