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    • The resources are free to download for schools in the UK and worldwide to use within lessons, tutor time or drop down days.
    • They are suitable for use in PSHE, Citizenship, History or RE and are recommended for students in Year 9 upwards.
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Mary Foley_schools
Mary Foley_schools
Mary Foley_schools

This series of three lessons explores what Restorative Justice means, how it differs from Criminal Justice and the impact it can have on victims and offenders.

The lessons examine Restorative Justice through the story of Margaret Foxley, and the story Will Riley and Peter Woolf, who have all taken part in the Restorative Justice process. Go to Lesson Plan.

This series of three lessons explores why people choose to forgive, as well as the role of compassion and empathy in the process of forgiveness. It also looks at the differences and similarities between cycles of revenge and forgiveness.

The lessons include the stories of Mary Foley and Barry Mizen who both lost their teenage child to violent crime. Go to Lesson Plan.

This series of three lessons explores whether forgiveness is possible in the most extreme cases of war and genocide.
The lessons focus on Kemal Pervanic who lived through the Bosnian War and detainment in Omarska concentration camp, and the story of Mary Blewitt who lost 50 members of her family in the Rwandan Genocide. Go to Lesson Plan.
How else can The Forgiveness Project support your school?
F Word exhibition
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The F Word exhibition is available for hire and can provide additional stimulus for students, staff and parents to encourage further dialogue, critical thinking and creative response.
Students will be immersed in a rich and wide range of stories from across the world, supporting subjects such as Citizenship, RE, History and PSHE.
The exhibition compliments the Education Resources by continuing to build students’ understanding of forgiveness and empathy as catalysts toward a more harmonious society. Learn more about the exhibition.
The Forgiveness Project storytellers can be booked to accompany The F Word exhibiton, alongside use of our Education Resources or within assembly, the classroom or at a special event.
Hearing first-hand from our storytellers offers students an invaluable opportunity to hear about life changing experiences from those who have gone through them.
All our speakers are experienced in talking to young people and are based around the world, giving young people a global perspective on the impact of forgiveness. Learn more about our speakers.

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