All Stories from South Africa

Michael Lapsley (South Africa)

Photography by Brian Moody After Father Michael Lapsley was exiled by the South African Government in 1976, he joined the African National Congress (ANC) and became one of their chaplains. Whilst living in Zimbabwe he discovered he was on the South African Government hit list.  In April 1990 he received a letter bomb in the… more

Leatitia (South Africa)

Photography by Brian Moody In 1993 Leatitia van Loggerenberg planned and paid for the murder of her husband, who for years had been physically and mentally abusing her. She is now serving a life sentence for murder at Johannesburg Female Prison. My husband was a real darling until he started drinking, then alcohol turned him… more

Gertrude Moyana & Sarah Letanta (South Africa)

Photography by Brian Moody GERTRUDE MOYANA and SARAH LETANTA are both victims of South Africa’s political violence. Gertrude was shot twice during 1993’s street fighting in Sharpville. Two years later, Sarah was shot three times. Gertrude It was a time of terrible bloodshed and violence; brother against brother, children being raped. Kehetisi from the IFP… more

Duma Kumalo (South Africa)

Photography by Brian Moody As one of the Sharpville Six, Duma Kumalo was wrongly imprisoned in 1985 for a murder he didn’t commit. He spent seven years in prison, with three of those on death row. He worked for Khulumani – a support group for victims based in Johannesburg. Sadly Duma Kumalo died aged 48… more

Desmond Tutu (South Africa)

Photography by Brian Moody Archbishop Desmond Tutu was the chairman of South Africa’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC). The TRC was created by Nelson Mandela’s Government of National Unity in 1995 to help South Africans come to terms with their extremely troubled past. It was established to investigate the violations that took place between 1960… more