All Stories from Northern Ireland

Jude Whyte (Northern Ireland)

Photo by Katalin Karolyi Jude Whyte was born in Belfast in 1957 to Catholic parents.  After the sectarian conflict started in the late 1960s, several of his seven siblings left for England but Jude remained in Belfast, taking a Sociology degree and getting married.  In April 1984 his life changed forever when his mother, a… more

Martin Snodden (Northern Ireland)

Photography by Brian Moody As a former paramilitary, Martin Snodden has served a life sentence in the Maze Prison for his activities as a member of the Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF). Fifteen years later he was released under licence. He now operates as an independent international trainer and consultant. What drove me to take up… more

Alistair Little (Northern Ireland)

Photography by Brian Moody Alistair Little joined the Protestant paramilitaries at the age of 14. Three years later, too young to receive a life sentence, he was detained under the Secretary of State’s Pleasure (SOSP) and served a 13-year prison sentence in Long Kesh and H-blocks. Since his release he’s been working for projects that… more