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BLOG: Can Forgiveness “Overcome” Cancer?

I have been troubled lately by the title of a new book called, The  Forgiveness Project: The Startling Discovery of How to Overcome  Cancer, Find Health, and Achieve Peace, by Rev. Dr Michael S. Barry.  It’s not simply that the book borrows the same name of The Forgiveness Project I founded in 2004 — thus… more

BLOG: Empathy That Withers Away

Watching CCTV footage of 15-year-old Santre Sanchez Gayle carrying a shot gun and turning up at the door of 26-year-old Gulistan Subasi and shooting her dead, is harrowing.  Little wonder that Gayle was this week sentenced to serve at least 20 years for her murder. Judge Stephen Kramer told Gayle and his co-accused, Izak Billy… more

BLOG: The Dangers of Forgiving Too Easily

The Archbishop of Canterbury has been saying some interesting things about forgiveness this week. He told the Radio Times: ‘I think the 20th century saw such a level of atrocity that it has focused our minds very, very hard on the dangers of forgiving too easily … because if forgiveness is easy it is as… more

BLOG: Normal Kids Gone Crazy

Earlier this year I heard an interview with a former criminal gang member from London on an excellent BBC Radio 4 programme called Children Who Kill. Part of the programme was one of best explanations I’ve ever heard on why hurt people hurt people. The young man – who was not identified and who said by… more

BLOG: Forgiveness from the Inside out

I received a letter sent to the office the other day from a woman called Amber who has been on a journey of self-forgiveness. After reading the stories on The Forgiveness Project website, she notes that only a couple of the stories are about people who have forgiven themselves. Yes, it’s true that the majority of… more

BLOG – Iraq War Logs: Why is Brutality so Easy?

Since reading about the leaked Iraq war logs I keep thinking about the role of the individuals in all this.  Why does an Iraqi security guard continue practices that we hoped would die with the fall of Saddam Hussein’s regime? Why did American soldiers not do more to end the systematic torture they witnessed?  And… more

BLOG: Restorative Justice – Headline News

The Forgiveness Project was mentioned in The Observer this Sunday in a front-page article entitled Prisons minister says criminals could cut jail sentences by saying ‘sorry’. It’s just a tiny a mention, and they don’t get it quite right either. We do not physically bring victims together to meet their offenders! This is a common… more

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