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BLOG: Forgiveness and Solution Focused Practice

A couple of weeks ago I attended a 4-day introductory course in Solution Focused Practice (SFP), otherwise known as BRIEF therapy.  The practice doesn’t analyse by delving into a person’s historical hurts (what Caroline Myss might call “woundology”) but rather excavates nuggets of resourcefulness, identifying moments of resilience at times of difficulty. The theory is… more

NEWS: The Forgiveness Project at the United Nations

Report by founder/director of The Forgiveness Project, Marina Cantacuzino: “On the 13th September I had the privilege of speaking in the UN’s General Assembly Hall. The resolution under discussion was “strengthening the role of mediation”. I was there because an upcoming documentary called Beyond Right and Wrong was also being shown to delegates and since… more

BLOG: Making Sense of Evil

This week sees the publication of an outstanding and beautifully crafted redemptive memoir by Marian Partington, whose sister was murdered by two of Britain’s most notorious serial killers – Frederick and Rosemary West. Since founding The Forgiveness Project some eight years ago I am frequently sent novels, poems, memoirs, first-person accounts, critiques and sermons on… more

BLOG: Finding the Gift in the Wound

Last week I had the privilege to hear an exceptionally powerful talk by Azim Khamisa — a father who lost his only son to gang violence 17 years ago and who I first met in America seven years ago. It is a terrible irony that Azim left Kenya trying to escape the violence of Idi… more

NEWS: Clare Short asked the question can there be Forgiveness without Justice? The Forgiveness Project Annual Lecture 2011

On 6th October we held our second annual at Union Chapel, Islington to an audience of 500 people. The lecture ‘No Forgiveness Without Justice?’ was delivered by Clare Short, MP for Birmingham Ladywood 1983-2010 and Secretary of State for International Development 1997-2003. Chaired by Yasmin Alibhai-Brown of The Independent, Clare Short’s lecture was preceded by… more

BLOG: No Forgiveness Without Justice?

Justice, like forgiveness, is a loaded word, bandied about by just about everyone – used as much by advocates for penal reform as by those who call for the death penalty. The Forgiveness Project’s 2011 annual lecture therefore was bound to cause robust discussion when Clare Short (Secretary of State for International Development in Tony… more

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