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BLOG: From Death Row to Restorative Justice

Restorative justice is a system that fundamentally views crime as injury rather than wrong-doing, and justice as healing rather than punishment. Whilst visiting New York, Minneapolis, Hawaii and Texas (thanks to receiving a Winston Churchill travelling fellowship) I’ve uncovered some remarkable US-based programs that bear this out. But as founding director of The Forgiveness Project,… more

BLOG: New Forgiveness Toolbox

The concept of forgiveness can easily stray into the polemic.  Since working in this field I’ve tried to bypass pious sounding statements about the power of forgiveness.  I don’t want to express it in a sanitised or spiritualised way, or as some magical key to serenity, or as any kind of obligation or moral imperative. … more

NEWS: When Enemies Become Brothers

The Forgiveness Project was proud to co-sponsor the first UK screening of Shelley Hermon’s Within the Eye of the Storm at Amnesty’s Human Rights Action Centre on 19th June 2013.   The film is an impressive, stirring, fly-on-the-wall documentary following the lives of two bereaved fathers – a Palestinian and an Israeli – who have become… more

EVENT: School of Life: “World-Changers” series, 13th June

The Forgiveness Project founder/director will be giving a seminar at the School of Life in London on 13th June.  World-Changers is a series where journalist John-Paul Flintoff talks to prominent individuals who have “made a huge difference – and who believe that anybody could do the same.” Thurs 13th June, 7-9pm at The School of Life, 70 Marchmont… more

EVENT: Narrative Practitioners Forum – 5th June

The Narrative Practitioners Forum is a creative space space for those who use narrative and personal story in their work (or would like to).  We meet between 5.30-8.15pm at the London Interfaith Centre in Queens Park, NW6, to share best practice, learn from each other, and collaborate.   The workshops in June will be: Collecting stories… more

EVENT: Narrative Practitioners Forum: 23rd Jan, London 5.30-8pm

On Wed 23rd Jan the Narrative Practitioners Forum will hold its first meeting at The London Inter Faith Centre, 125 Salusbury Rd, Queens Park, London, NW6 6RG The Narrative Practitioners Forum is a strong and creative group of organisations and individuals emerging out of the collaborative conference held last June “Stories that heal, Stories that harm” and currently consists… more

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