NEWS: Archbishop Tutu’s inaugural lecture for The Forgiveness Project SOLD OUT

We have been delighted at how quickly Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s inaugural lecture in our new annual lecture series has sold out.  This has unfortunately left many disappointed people but we are planning to film the event which will be shown on our website.  The lecture, ‘Is Violence Ever Justified?’ will be held at St John Smiths’ Square in London on 12th May at 12.00 noon.

The event will include a panel discussion, chaired by BBC presenter Edward Stourton in which Archbishop Tutu will be joined by Pat Magee convicted of planting the 1984 Brighton Bomb, Jo Berry daughter of Sir Anthony Berry MP who was killed in the blast and Mary Kayitesi Blewitt who lost more than 50 members of her family in the Rwandan genocide.

Read more in this article published in The Independent:

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