Exploring the possibilities of forgiveness through real stories.

The Forgiveness Project uses the real stories of victims and perpetrators to explore concepts of forgiveness, and to encourage people to consider alternatives to resentment, retaliation and revenge.

  • “Choosing the path to stop the cycle of violence is just as difficult as choosing the other path of anger and hatred.” – Elizabeth Turner (England)

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  • “I tried to hide my tears from the other prisoners: they wouldn't have understood why I was crying about the pain of my oppressors.” – Bassam Aramin (Palestine)

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  • “Whether victim or perpetrator, part of being human is rolling up our sleeves and taking an active part in repairing harm.” – Katy Hutchison & Ryan Aldridge (Canada)

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  • “I knew that if I didn’t forgive, anger and bitterness would turn me into a person Charlotte would not have liked.” – Mary Foley (England)

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  • “I've gone from being a victim of crime to being able to see Billy's point of view.” – Matthew James (England)

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  • “I have come to believe passionately in restorative justice.” – Linda Biehl with Easy Nofemela & Ntobeko Peni (South Africa)

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Latest News

NEWS: The power of forgiveness and the necessity of choice

On 17th September we held the seventh in our series of ten Conversations on Forgiveness at St Ethelburga’s Centre for Reconciliation and Peace. The topic for discussion was ‘Can you move on without forgiveness?’ On the panel were Camilla Carr, who was held hostage by Chechnyan rebels for 14 months in 1997, and Richard Wilson, […]

NEWS: Flame of Forgiveness Fortnight: 6 – 19 October 2014

To commemorate the centenary of the outbreak of World War I, The Forgiveness Project is honoured to be part of the Flame of Forgiveness project, working with Teresa Pearce, MP for Erith and Thamesmead, Care England and Four Seasons Health Care. This intergenerational project aims to build links between care homes, local schools and the […]

EVENT: Can you move on without forgiveness? – 15 September 2014

On the panel discussing whether forgiveness is the only route to healing after a traumatic event will be Camilla Carr, who was held hostage by Chechnyan rebels for 14 months in 1997, and Richard Wilson, whose sister was murdered in Burundi by a group who have never admitted responsibility and who continue to kill civilians […]